The Koltra lounger is designed for easy folding of the backrest without classic and complicated mechanisms. It is an innovative assembly system; the semi-sitting position is made so that the head pillow rotates around an axis and offers support. While the front (for the legs) is fixed, the rear (for the back and head) adjusts depending on the user’s needs – allowing for two different positions. Also, the structure is made of bent tubing, which enables stacking. It is a completely new type of lounger and attractive as a standalone piece of furniture, but it also works great when combined with other Koltra loungers.

Product information

Koltra - Fjakka

Standard colour options

Offered colors of the structure and fabric are inspired by Mediterranean plants and soil, evoking a stay on the beach, next to rocks and a fragrant forest. It comes in a wide range of colors, a variety of weaves and textures.


Koltra - Festuca - Fjakka Koltra - Festuca - Fjakka


Koltra - Karst - Fjakka Koltra - Karst - Fjakka

Wet Sand

Koltra - Wet Sand - Fjakka Koltra - Wet Sand - Fjakka


Koltra - Plum - Fjakka Koltra - Plum - Fjakka


Koltra - Sand - Fjakka Koltra - Sand - Fjakka


Koltra - Basalt - Fjakka Koltra - Basalt - Fjakka

STRUCTURE: stainless steel, powder-coated
SUPPORT CUSHION: WP plywood, polyurethane foam, waterproof fabric

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