About us


FJAKKA products shape new experiences. Our name is inspired by the Mediterranean concept of fjaka, a sublime state in which a person seemingly does nothing, but achieves relaxation of mind and body. FJAKKA products invite you to enjoy, relax, and inspire ease of being. Slowing down and enjoying the moment is a luxury today, and each of our products is designed to make those moments worth remembering.


We are dedicated to fostering a culture of outdoor living. In doing so, we take into account the modern way of life and cherish the rituals and habits that have remained in our collective memory. When choosing colors and materials, we were inspired by the Mediterranean landscape, to evoke a stay on the beach, next to rocks and a fragrant forest. Designing a good product for us also means creating a pleasant atmosphere.


We pay equal attention to encouraging contemporary expression and maintaining tradition. Although FJAKKA is a new furniture brand, its foundation is the company Belina d.o.o. with over 40 years of long-standing tradition and experience in product development and production. We used our knowledge and skills, especially in the production of textile architecture and the processing of technical textiles, and in cooperation with designers Kristina Lugonja and Filip Havranek, we created a new product with a modern and innovative design. For us, good design contains innovation, functionality, aesthetic quality, a high level of sustainability and an emotional component. We are proud because our experience participates in the creation of new, colorful moments.


Our designers

Filip Havranek and Kristina Lugonja are industrial designers from Zagreb. They have been collaborating since 2012 and have won a number of domestic and foreign awards, including the three-time prestigious award for design – Red Dot Award (2015 in the lighting and furniture category, and 2020 in the architectural elements category). They regularly exhibit their works at prominent exhibitions and fairs and publish them in domestic and foreign publications.